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I'm Liam Rosen.
I'm a startup entrepreneur, consummate rationalist, quantitative self-developer, effective altruist, magazine founder, ultimate commentator, semi-professional athlete, and many other compound adjective-noun pairs.

Assorted Facts

Instead of paying attention in Calculus class my senior year of high school, I memorized the first 50 digits of pi using chunking. I never used Calculus or pi again, but I still remember all 50 digits.

I learned five foreign languages to fluency as an adult by developing a regimented system, which I detail in my Beginner’s Guide to Language Learning.

I have musical anhedonia, which means I find music an unenjoyable form of entertainment. I also don’t watch TV series, movies, read fiction books, and I deliberately avoid the news cycle. Friends have called me a robot, which makes all my parts and circuits sad.

The sport of ultimate has formed a large part of my life:

  • In 2010, I co-founded Skyd Magazine, which grew to become the sport’s largest media resource.
  • I’ve played for two different semi-professional ultimate teams in San Francisco and Pittsburgh.
  • I won a gold medal with the USA in the Pan-American Ultimate Championships in 2013, and I’ve played in the World Ultimate Championships twice: with Mexico in 2016 and with China in 2018.

I’m probably best known across the internet for the Beginner’s Guide to Health and Fitness, which has been 4chan /fit/’s sticky for many years.

In 2016, having never used Instagram, I announced my plans to become “instafamous”. Over the next few years, I grew my following to 12K by creating a ridiculous caricature of myself with mainstream appeal. Dismayed by the culture surrounding Instagram in our society, I’ve sinceĀ  deleted most of my followers and now maintain a more minimal presence.

By day, I help TopScore conquer the world of web platforms for youth and adult sports. I was recruited to join the company in 2014, and I’m now part-owner and the longest-standing member of the team.

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