10 Months to 10%

I don’t think too many would argue that ensuring the well-being and or happiness of living things is the most important cause in the world — the most important being humans, and then a sliding scale through the animal kingdom.

Yet, though it may be invisible to us, hundreds of millions of human being and animals suffer each day. As someone with an income in the top 1% of the world (if you’re reading this, you likely are as well), I feel a moral responsibility to do my part in stopping this.

Though it may feel like the world is plagued by disagreements, politics, and massive coordination problems, there are ways to make a direct impact simply by giving money to a select few organizations.

That’s why I started 10 Months to 10% Effective Giving: in 2020, I will be ramping up to giving 10% of my salary to effective charities, a pledge I will continue for the rest of my life.

Each month this year, I will choose a different charity to give a 1% recurring donation to, explain why I believe the cause is among the most impactful, solvable, and neglected on earth, and encourage my friends and network to join me in donating as well. If you’re reading this, you’re invited along for the ride.

Read the intro post below for an explanation of why I think this is the best way to do good in the world, then click into each month’s post to read about the effective charity I’ve chosen.


Intro Post: 10 Months to 10% Effective Giving

Month 1: Against Malaria Foundation

Month 2: GiveDirectly

Note: the project was put on pause due to the coronavirus pandemic.


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